Pro Gear HD 75W-90 API GL5


Meets & Exceeds API GL-5, US MIL-L-2105, IS 1118-1992, RA-2001

SHIELD PRO GEAR HD 75W-90, API GL-5 is High viscosity index Multigrade Gear and Axle oil. It Ensures Efficient Lubrication of Gears under Varying Temperatures & Load Conditions. Shield Pro Gear HD is Extreme-pressure multigrade lubricant oil recommended for use in vehicle differentials any hypoid or helicoids transmission assemblies, as well as in manual gearboxes and transmission mechanisms requiring the API GL-5 quality level.

1. Excellent ability to withstand transient high temperatures and loads.
2. Highly resistant to wear.
3. Excellent anti-rust and anti-foam properties.
4. Facilities low-temperature lubrication.
5. Multigrade, excellent safeguarding under harsh temperature and tough running conditions.
6. Better response to manual gearbox synchronisms than a monograde oil due to less gear tooth friction, especially at low temperatures.
7. Good anti-wear properties, thus lengthening the life of the transmission.
8. Water-resistant.

Recommended for the use in Axles & Gear Boxes where API GL-5 is recommended. Suitable for use in HCV'S, LCV'S, MCV'S, CARS of all Leading Automobile manufacturers like TATA, HYUNDAI, MARUTI, MAHINDRA, TOYOTA etc.