Pro Gear HD SAE 85W140 / API GL-5

PACKS AVAILABLE: 1L, 5L, 10L, 20L, 25L, 210L

Meets & Exceeds API GL-5, US MIL-L-2105, IS 1118-1992, RA-2001

Shield Pro Gear HD is Extreme-Pressure multigrade Gear oil recommended for use in vehicle differentials and hypoid, spiral, bevel gear, as well as in manual gearboxes and transmission mechanisms requiring the API GL-5 quality level. This product have been fully inhibited with advanced additive chemistry to combat extreme pressure,  wear, corrosion, oxidation & foaming.

Excellent ability to withstand transient high temperatures and loads. Highly resistant to wear. Excellent anti-rust and anti-foam properties. Facilities low-temperature lubrication. Multigrade Gear oil is excellent in safeguarding under harsh temperature and tough running conditions. Better response to manual gearbox synchronisms than a monograde oil due to less gear tooth friction, especially at low temperatures. Good anti-wear properties, thus lengthening the life of the transmission.

Shield Pro Gear HD is recommended for hypoid gear differentials, mechanical transmission and drive axles of buses, trucks operating under severe conditions.