Endura LI-C EP 2 (Blue Lithium Complex Grease 75,000 km)


Lithium Complex Grease is a smooth textured, premium quality grease manufactured from highly refined, high viscosity index base oils. The superiority of Lithium Complex Grease over conventional greases can be exhibited by its high drop point of over 280 °C, excellent roll stability, superior water washout resistance, low coefficient friction, high load carrying ability, resistance to oil separation under pressure. This makes it a single grease suitable for multitude of applications.

Lithium Complex Grease offers effective lubrication up to a working temperature range of 170 °C. It is suitable for lubrication of all types of bearings encountering higher than average temperature, high speed, needing centralized lubrication and exposed to shock, overloading and contamination.Lithium Complex Grease provides trouble free, cost effective, long life lubrication in heavy duty applications encountered in glass, steel, cement, metallurgy and mining industry such as electric motors, hot air fans, vibrating shafts, bucket pins, excavators, HEMM etc. It also finds applications in disc brakes in the automotive industry.

• Excellent lubrication at peak temperatures
• Effective lubrication in wet conditions
• High structural stability
• Excellent lubrication under heavy loads and low speed
• Long life and trouble free performance
• Excellent resistance to water and oxidation