[vc_row][vc_column][ultimate_heading main_heading=”Shield Brand Cost Based Pricing Model” alignment=”left” margin_design_tab_text=”” el_class=”bg-black”]In this model , Company will provide the business associate its entire product by sharing its cost price with adding some incidental charges and margin. Every product consists of following components like Base oil, Additives, Packaging, blending come filling charges & incidental Expenses incurred on behalf of business associates (As detailed in list of services) and Margin. After adding all the components and adding all the levied taxes to give the final cost of the product to the business associate . In this Transparency model Industrial and Automotive business associates will be treated as independent identity. However, a business associate can have both the distribution as per his investment.
The business associate can do trial by opting for trading and then shift to transparency agreement.


Trial Procedure –


The Business Associate can purchase some products & packs of Shield Brand for trial.


By Doing Trial he will be sure about the Quality of Services and Quality of Product.


The Volume is not the restriction & Business Associate can purchase Quantity of even 500 Ltrs or as per requirement of the transporter.


There will be no area commitment from company side to business associate i.e. during trial the area of operation is not reserved.


Note – This option is available subject to discussion .