Q: How does shield Oil compare with oils ?

A: Shield Lubricant's blending facility uses state of the art technology. Shield supplies oil to many heavy industrial and light commercial companies in Western Canada and Western United States, therefore, our products are blended slightly above specification from ILSAC, SAE, and API. Our products have higher percentages of additive in the base stock than most OEM's require. This ensures higher results in performance and preventative maintenance on equipment. Refer to Shield product specification sheets for details. Shield warranties all products used as recommended by the OEM and are fully compatible to all major brand name oil marketers.


Q: What kinds of products does Shield have?

A: Shield manufactures, blends, packages, and distributes many products. From heavy industrial to light commercial and automotive markets, industrial Lubricants.


Q: How can Shield service my business?

A: Shield offers same day service and a number that will be answered by a person 11:00am-5:00pm, Monday thru Friday. Shield territory representatives make sure customers are up-to-date with the latest specifications and industry changing products.


Q: Why would I change from my existing supplier to Shield?

A: I would do so because

  • Shield' products are superior to most major brand name products.
  • Our service program is the elite service provider in the lube industry.
  • Our technical expertise answers questions within minutes of initial phone call.
  • Our product will save your department money.
  • Shield Lubricants is a one stop shop place to fulfill your lubricating requirements.
  • Shield Lubricants has quality people, products, and service.