Warrior HLP 32 / 46 / 68

Shield Warrior HLP series oils are premium super cleaned hydraulic oils blended from highly refined turbine base stocks taken from superior crude stocks and processed in state of the art refining technology so that it is specifically developed to satisfy the wide temperature variations and viscosity range encountered with modern hydraulic systems where there is high pressure and high operating temperatures, small reservoirs and meet the requirements of the worlds leading hydraulic equipment manufacturers. Shield Warrior HLP oils are having outstanding VI, Anti Wear properties, excellent oxidation stability and high load carrying capacity as determined by FZG ratings. These oils can be used for the lubrication of all-high pressure and high-speed vane, piston and gear type hydraulic pumps, and for use in all hydraulic equipment’s operating in extreme temperature conditions.


  • Machine Life
    Due to presence of Anti wear additive the metal to metal contact is low.

  • Temperature Stability
    High VI gives the oil to perform in various temperature zones without losing its viscosity thus extending oil life.

  • Long life
    Base oil and additive gives high oxidation stability and resists oil from thickening.

  • High Shear Stability
    Film between the moving parts does not break under heavy pressure and temperatures thus avoiding metal to metal contact and increases the life of equipment.

  • High Cleanliness
    High cleanliness properties leads to non sticking of low clearance critical moving parts like servo valves and reduce equipment downtime and increases filter life.

  • Cavitation
    Due to presence of antifoamant the trapped air is released in no time.

  • Protection
    High demulsibility properties separates the water and helps in protecting parts from rust due to presence of water in the system.

  • Compatibility
    Oil is compatible to most of the rubber seals present in the equipment.

  • Filterability
    Oil can be filtered with any type of external filtration system.