MFL 68 / 100 / 150 / 220 / 320 / 460

MFL is the highly refined paraffinic mineral oil suitable for industrial circulating systems and general purpose lubrication where straight mineral oils are acceptable like guide ways, mild loaded gear boxes etc.Can be also be used where total loss system is there.


  • General purpose industrial lubrication, particularly in “once-through” lubrication systems.
  • Industrial circulating systems, particularly those incorporating clay filters to remove high levels of contamination.
  • Light duty gear boxes.
  • Plain and rolling element bearings.
  • Engine air cleaners.
  • Machine tools way lubricants.
  • Process or extender oils in the rubber and plastics industries.
  • Horizontal and vertical guide ways in CNC machines and lathes.
  • Vacuum pumps.
  • Heat transfer fluid, where uninhibited oils are recommended in low viscosity range.


Low maintenance
This highly refined straight mineral oil offers excellent filterability with all commercial filters, and performs exceptionally well with filters using fuller’s earth, maximizing filter change intervals.

Trouble-free operation
Superior water separating characteristics prevent sludging in low operating temperature conditions where condensation is a problem. Low carbon residue forming tendencies minimize deposit formation in air compressor service.

Long oil service life
Natural oxidation stability resists oil degradation and protects against oil thickening.

Worker and environment friendly.

20, 210 L