Hard Quench FQ

Shield Hard Quench FQ is general purpose fast quenching oil fortified with performance chemicals for
consistent long lasting performance. It is mainly designed in view of job heat treatment where the inflow of jobs is
with different material chemistry. Shield Hard Quench FQ is recommended for general purpose fast quenching
applications. It is recommended for hardening of many components, in automobile and light engineering industries.
This product is particularly used for hardening of bolts, set screws, crankshafts, axles camshafts, steering arms and
brake drums.

Shield Hard Quench FQ meets:
IS : 2664-1980 (Reaffirmed 1993) for additive type quenching oil, with minor deviations.


  • Based on selected virgin base oil of excellent characteristics.
  • Faster speed ensures proper and uniform hardness
  • Provide accelerated rate of quenching
  • Ensure cleanliness of quenching oil systems
  • Have low drag-out on components thus reduce oil consumption
  • Have exceptionally long, oil service life due to excellent oxidation stability, good thermal
    stability as well as low volatility
  • Retain quenching power over extended periods due to minimum oil thickening and sludge
    forming tendency
  • Lesser smoking and with reasonably high flash point reduces the risk of fire hazard.


  • Avoid water/moisture contamination.
  • Use of compressed air for agitation should be strictly avoided as it increases the oxidation rate of the oil.
  • Heat exchanger should be in operation.
  • Avoid Cu and Copper alloys in heat exchanger. Cu acts as a catalyst for oxidation of the oil.
  • Maintain proper atmosphere in the furnace.
  • Maintain proper level of the oil.

20, 210 L