Rustic DW 01

Shield Rustic DW 01 are soft film, solvent deposited, water displacing type, corrosion preventives. These fluids can be applied directly to water wet surfaces, where it displaces water and forms a protective film. All these oils have excellent spreading and they can be applied either by dipping, spraying or brushing method. The protective films of all these grades can be removed by wiping off with rags or waste soaked in kerosene, mineral turpentine oil, alkaline detergents or solvent degreasing methods. Shield Rustic DW 01 complies IS: 1154 performance standards.


  • Easy application by dipping, spraying or brushing method. Offers exceptional salt spray/humidity protection.
  • Non-Staining – safe for use on coiled or stacked metals when diluted in most aliphatic solvents.
  • Easy removal by conventional cleaning methods using kerosene/ solvents or by other degreasing methods.
  • Outstanding water – displacing/metal wetting properties.
  • Superior water – separating properties.
  • Non- corrosive to a variety of non- ferrous metals, including copper, aluminum, zinc, magnesium, brass, & cadmium.
  • Free of barium and other heavy metals.

Shield Rustic DW 01 oil can be used for protection against rust formation during storage of work piece and machine tools. It can be used as a final protective for tools and machined components. The oil forms a soft film over work pieces, when applied by dipping, spraying or brushing method. These are water displacing, thin film type corrosion preventives.

20, 210 L