Rustic OB 100

Shield Rustic 100 is a mineral oil based corrosion preventive compound suitable for the wide range of application. These grades serve as lubricant as well as temporary protectives. It is formulated with anti-rust and anti corrosive additives. For best result metal surface should be clean and dry before Shield Rustic 100 is applied. The protective film of these grades has lubricating properties and hence is not necessary to remove. However, if desired, the film can be removed by wiping.


  • Easy application by dipping, spraying, roller coating, flow coating, flushing, circulating, but the application surface must be cleaned and dried.
  • Excellent Film Formation
  • Non-Staining
  • Easy removal by wiping
  • Uniform coating on wide range coverage area.
  • High degree of corrosion protection.
  • Free of barium and other heavy metals.

Shield Rustic 100 is having viscosity in the range of SAE 30 or ISO VG 100. It offers a protective lubricating film and is widely used for internal protection of gear boxes, hydraulic mechanism and external protection of instruments. On account of its high viscosity, it is also suitable for apply on bicycle parts like rims, frames and handle.

20, 210 L