Shield Ultra Cut

Parameters Typical Results
pH of 5% emulsion 8.5 - 9.5
Smell Most agreeable
Emulsion Test Passes
Rust Test Passes
Frothing Test Passes

Shield Ultra Cut are water emulsifiable oils for metal working operations where maximum cooling is desired. These oils are developed with selected base oils, emulsifiers and biocides for ready mixing to form a stable emulsion which provide good rust protection and excellent cooling.

Shield Ultra Cut are recommended for grinding and other light to medium general machining operations in ferrous and non-ferrous metals. Shield Ultra Cut are recommended for special applications such as

  1. Hydraulic medium in large presses and roll mills as economical medium as compared to neat mineral oils.
  2. Rust preventive in both concentrated and emulsion form to prevent corrosion of metal surfaces. This can be easily washed down with water.
  3. Rust inhibitor in IC Engine Water cooling systems.
  4. As hot and cold rolling oil for copper and hot rolling of aluminium rod.

This is not recommended for Magnesium machining.


  • Shield Ultra Cut are proprietary brands of Shield.
  • IS:1115-1986 standards.


  • Form stable emulsions with water upto even 400 ppm hardness.
  • Permit rapid separation of chips and grinding dirt keeping circulating line clean.
  • Provide good protection against rusting.
  • Provide effective cooling.