List of Services

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]The valued added services are provided by Shield lubricants.


The services are listed below , the complete details can be taken by the customer from the company representative.[/vc_column_text][vc_tta_tabs][vc_tta_section title=”Consultancy Services” tab_id=”cs”][ultimate_heading main_heading=”Defination of the service ” heading_tag=”h4″ alignment=”left” main_heading_margin=”margin-bottom:20px;” main_heading_style=”font-weight:bold;” margin_design_tab_text=””]

  • Consultancy Services: The Consulting Services will be chargeable item wise. Few of the services are in development stage.
    • Product Vendors Information: The vendors Related to Mould, Packaging, Base Oil, Additives, etc.
    • Service Vendors Information: The vendors related to Website, Trade Marks, labels Designing, Sales Tax Advise, Excise Advice, Weights and Measurements advice etc

[/ultimate_heading][ultimate_heading main_heading=”Details of the Consulting services” heading_tag=”h4″ alignment=”left” main_heading_margin=”margin-top:40px;margin-bottom:20px;” main_heading_style=”font-weight:bold;” margin_design_tab_text=””]Information will be Provided for Names of the Vendors, Suggestion for vendor Selection as per the Volume requirement of the purchaser, Charges of the vendors, Services by the vendors, Quality assurance of the Vendors.

The List of Consultancy types are mentoned below.


    • Mould designing: Guidance on mould design, mould vendor, mould cost, mould storage, mould handling.
    • Base Oils: Types of base oils , cost of base oils, procurement process, minimum quantity to be procured as per seller etc.
    • Additives: which additives to be procured from which vendor, how to minimise the cost of the additives, how to prepare a formulation , how to test a formulation that product will perform , how to go for mass production, etc.
    • Packaging: what are the quality parameters of the packaging.
    • Guidance on registeration of the brand : how to select name, how to register name, how much time it takes to register name , technicalities in the brand regiseration, brand registeration related to start of the production and launch of brand in market.
    • Guidance on web site: designing, maintenance of website.
    • Designs : flex, hoarding, painting : guidance on the designing, cost optimisation , brand saving etc.
    • Product names: how to select product names , when to upgrade product name , how to upgrade product names etc.
    • Products launch stages : guidance on initial products to be launched, how to change product names , how to upgrade product specs , when products to be discontinued, which products names to be copyright protected through trade marks, cost of trade markts related to product names and designs protection etc.
    • Pricing : How to define DLP, MRP percentage from manufacturing Cost , when base oil costs increase when and how to increase pricing in market etc.
    • Costs: guidance on excise cost optimisation, guidance on transport cost optimisation , guidance on packaging cost optimisation, guidance on storage cost optimisation, guidance on Qnty . Optimisation of base oil & additives ,guidance on filling cost optimisation etc.
    • Mechanic schemes: guidance on coupons schemes, guidance on reimbursement of coupon schemes , guidance on launching of the coupon schemes, guidance on launching of the mechanic loyalty schemes etc.
    • Retailer, Consumer, Mechanic, Canopies Meetings: How to conduct the meets, how much to spend on which meetings, benefits the meetings etc.
    • Training of the Sales Team: Sales team training related to launch , marketing , Branding , quality complaint handling , presentations , sales call , mechanics handling etc.
    • Product Quality Complaint handling : How to handle the quality complaint , how to retain the dealer & mechanic and customer, how to ensure that company branding does not gets effected, how to ensure that quality complaint helps to grow the company on short and long term etc.

[/ultimate_heading][/vc_tta_section][vc_tta_section title=”Vendor Execution Services” tab_id=”ves”][ultimate_heading main_heading=”The services will be chargeable.” heading_tag=”h4″ sub_heading_color=”#000000″ alignment=”left” main_heading_style=”font-weight:bold;” main_heading_margin=”margin-bottom:20px;”]Few of the services are in development stage..


  • Getting the selection and Agreement done with the Vendor of raw materials and the purchaser of shield lubricants.

[/ultimate_heading][/vc_tta_section][vc_tta_section title=”Project Execution services” tab_id=”pes”][ultimate_heading main_heading=”The services will be chargeable Few of the services are in development stage.” heading_tag=”h4″ alignment=”left” main_heading_style=”font-weight:bold;” main_heading_margin=”margin-bottom:20px;”]

  • Procurement of Raw Material i.e. Placement of orders and organising transport till plant.
  • Investment on Raw material like base oil, additives, packaging.
  • Quality and Quantity Check of Raw Materials .
  • Warehousing of Raw Materials, Finished Goods.
  • Manufacturing of the Finished Product .
  • Providing Product Quality Test Reports
  • Transportation of finished products from plant to warehouse.
  • Unloading of Raw Material & Loading of Finished Goods.
  • Administration support from back office.
  • Transportation of Finished products from Plant to Customer end .