Lubricants Manufacturing Procedure

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The Procedures give a Brief overview of process followed from Raw Materials receipt to Finished Product Packaging.


Q . How We deliver in our Product & Service Quality?


We follow Pre-defined practices from Raw material receipt to the final delivery of the vehicle which helps us as ISO 9001:2008 Certified Organisation.


As Shared Earlier, we follow the Processes to ensure the quality of the finished product is manufactured as per the National and International standards like API, ACEA, SAE, NLGI.


Q. How We receive Material in the Plant?


The Base Oil Delivery van when comes in plant we take a sample of the material.


Q. How We Test Raw Material?


The material is tested in our in-house Lab . The lab contains the equipments to test the materials to ensure that nothing is left and raw materials are procured as per the adequate Standards.  We use only virgins base oils which are supplied from the suppliers like HPCL and other organized players only.


Q. How we give Approval for Unloading?


If Base Oil  meets desired quality standards , approval is given to the delivery van to unload the Base Oil.


Q. How We Filter Material in the Plant ?


The Base oil when received is passed through filter and stored in storage tank then when sent to blending kettle it again passes through filter and when finished product is packed it again passes through filter.


Q. How are additives stored in Plant?


The Additives when received , selected additives are transferred to the additives storage tanks and rest are kept in the Barrels.


Q. How we process the Pre Blending and Mass blending?


A Pre Blend is prepared of the Base Oil and Additives . During Final  Blending Process in case minor changes are to be done , these are done as per requirement. 


Q. How We Pack Finished product in Plant ?


We use the machines as per latest industry standards to fill the Small Containers, Pails, Pouches and Barrel . The machines provides the control on filling required quantity and desired speed in operations.


Machines we have:


  • Small Packaging ( 250 Ml to 5 Ltr)
  • Bucket Packaging ( 6 Ltr to 54 Ltr)
  • Barrel Packaging ( 210 Ltr)
  • Pouch Packaging ( 1 Ltr)


Barrel Packaging:-


The barrels are packed with accuracy . The labeling of the barrels are done with screen printing, stickers in-house as per requirement of the customer.


Q How We fulfill Fire Safety Norms in Plant?


  • The Boundary walls of the plant have sufficient space for the fire vehicles to move around .
  • Within the plant fire safety box, extinguishers and water hoses are installed to ensure safety in emergencies.


Q How We fulfill Storage Requirements in Plant?


    In-House Storage Facility:-


  • The materials are loaded and delivered on same day or these are transferred to the warehouse within the plant or warehouse outside the plant .

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