Shield CNG Power SAE 20W50 / API SF / CD


Meets and Exceeds API SF/CD

Shield CNG Power is high quality gas engine oil developed specifically for Vehicles operating on environment friendly Compressed Natural gas (CNG), LPG, Diesel, Petrol and Dual Fuel. It has been blended with a special additive chemistry, which provides excellent protection to engines against wear, deposits and provides outstanding engine cleanliness.


  • Shield CNG Power is suitable for use in all seasons and helps in reducing oil consumption.
  • Provides excellent low as well as a high temperature performance.
  • Provides excellent protection to engines against wear and deposits with outstanding clean engine.
  • Special additives reduce deposit formation thereby increasing engine life and reducing maintenance costs.

Shield CNG Power is recommended for use in buses, Taxis, Cars, Auto, rickshaws and commercial vehicles operating on compressed Natural Gas (CNG), LPD Diesel, Petrol and Dual Fuel. Suited for steady motoring, slow moving and dense traffic conditions.