Warrior Turbine Oil 32 / 46 / 68

Shield Warrior Turbine Oil grades are premium quality turbine oils made from best paraffinic base stocks
having excellent oxidation and chemical stability. These properties are further enhanced with incorporation of
carefully selected Antioxidants, Rust Inhibitors and Anti Foam Agents.


  • Siemens TLV 9013/04/01
  • British Standards BS 489
  • General Electric GEK 32568 A/C
  • MIL – L – 17672 D
  • CEGB Standard 207001,
  • Brown Boveri HTGD 90117
  • U.S. Steel 120
  • Westinghouse Electric Corp. Turbine Oil Spec.
  • Alstom HTGD 90 117 V0001 S
  • DIN 51515 part 1 (L-TD) & part 2 (L-TG)
  • IS: 1012 1987-1987 (Reaffirmed)


  • It provides excellent long term protection against rust and corrosion.
  • Readily separate from water.
  • Reduced tendency to foam.
  • Ensure long service life since they possess outstanding oxidation stability.
  • Able to release entrained air at a rapid rate.

Shield Warrior Turbine Oil is recommended for use in the lubrication system of steam, gas and hydraulic
turbines operating under all service conditions. In addition, these oils give outstanding performance in hydraulic
systems, circulating lubrication systems, enclosed bearings and other industrial machines in which long trouble
free service of lubricant is required.

20, 210 L