2 Wheeler Oil


Today’s four-stroke motorcycle engine environment is far more severe than that of the automobile. Motorcycle engines run hotter and faster and tend to have reduced oil capacities to handle engine lubrication and cooling. These factors favour the use of specifically tailored oils, as opposed to standard passenger car motor oils (PCMOs), in modern motorcycle engines.

In recent years automotive oil formulations have changed to meet the needs of increasingly advanced hardware, to deliver fuel economy requirements and to provide improved catalyst compatibility. Motorcycle OEMs have become increasingly concerned about the direction of these changes. Friction modifiers, used in PCMOs to enhance automotive fuel economy, can lead to clutch slippage in those motorcycles that use the same oil for engine and transmission lubrication, while lower viscosity grades can sometimes lead to increased gear pitting.

The specific requirements of today’s motorcycle engines means that it has become increasingly important to use oils specifically designed to meet their requirements and which are more robust than most current PCMOs.