Spindle 5 / 12

Shield Spindle oils are low viscosity lubricants developed to cater to the requirements of modern high speed spindles employed in textile mills, machine tools etc. These oils are blended from highly refined low viscosity base stock having inherent oxidation and chemical stability. These oils are further fortified with antioxidant, anti-wear, anti-rust and de-foamant additives.

IS:493-1958 as amended in 1966


  • Good Strength of oil film.
  • High chemical stability.
  • Lowest fluid friction.
  • Have longer service life, due to improved oxidation stability.
  • Reduce wear of components since they have excellent load carrying ability.
  • Provide excellent protection against rust and corrosion even during idle periods and under humid conditions prevailing in textile mills.
  • Maintain normal operating temperatures since they are light bodied oils having excellent thermal stability.

Shield Spindle oils are recommneded for use in high speed textile spindles and machine tool spindle bearing. These oils are also used in wook working machine spidle bearings. Other high speed applications for Shield Spindle oils include tiing gears of positive displacement bowers, centrifugal tracer mechanism, hydraulic systems of precision machine tools.

20, 210 L