M-Cut Heavy

Shield M Cut Heavy is premium quality, state of the art proprietary chlorine-free neat cutting oils for a wide variety
of machining operations on ferrous metals. These are formulated with highly refined selected base oils fortified
with a extreme pressure sulphurised additive designed for extremes of performance plus presence of lubricity agents
helps in smooth operations. This unique sulphurised additive component gives stability in a wide range of
operating temperatures/ severity of operations in auto lathes.

Shield M Cut Heavy is mainly recommended for gear cutting, gear hobbing, drilling, reaming and thread milling
operation. It is also suitable for the severe operations like deep hole boring, etc. with carbon steel, alloy steel and
stainless steel. Due to presence of sulphurised additive components it is NOT to be used on nonferrous and yellow
materials and also the machines having yellow materials like bushes etc.


  • User and Environment friendly due to Chlorine-free.
  • Low misting /fuming even under high working Temperatures.
  • Enhance tool life due to presence of Lubricity agents .
  • Improve surface finish due to performance even in high temperatures.
  • Increase productivity due to increased sump life.
  • Provide greater dimensional accuracy & minimize rejects.
  • High weld load with high lubricity.

20, 210 L