Damper Oil Heavy

Shield Shocker Oil Heavy is specially developed for latest generation bikes, scooters and commercial vehicles used to transport goods and peoples. It is a superior damping fluid with excellent viscosity temperature characteristics, oxidation and chemical stability and anti foaming characteristics. Shield Shocker Oil Heavy is specially designed to have excellent damping effect for piston type shock absorbers. It has also very good seal and compatible with Nitrogen filled dampers.


  • Increases the life of shock absorber with superior air release properties.
  • Excellent seal compatibility with different type of rubber material.
  • Excellent damping effect with improved base oil characteristics.
  • Excellent oxidation stability property with highly refined paraffin base oils.
  • Excellent high temperature performance with new additive package.
  • Excellent wear protection.
  • Excellent low temperature characteristics.

The oil is meeting the specification for shock assembly made by different OEMs. It is useful us all weather Shock Absorber oil with good Oxidation stability and Anti-foam characteristics. This is recommended for Shock Absorbers of SPG Suspensions & other makes. This oil is to be filled in each leg and when oil is changed as per manufacturers recommendation.

20, 210 L