Performance Tech 4T 15W-50 API SM JASO MA2


Meets and Exceed API SM, JASO MA2, SAE 15W-50

SHIELD PERFORMANCE TECH 4T SAE 15W-50 is a superior’s “stay in grade” product, and its advanced additive technology is designed to meet the requirements of modern high speed motorcycle engines, providing a high degree of shear stability and anti-wear protection for stressed components and excellent cleanliness for pistons, rings, combustion chambers and spark plugs, thus promoting long engine life and performance retention. It also offers good corrosion protection in warm and humid climates even during periods of intermittent use.

• Specially Formulated For 4 Stroke Multi-Grade Oil For Engine, Clutch & Gear.
• Helps in Longer drain period, Lower Clutch Slippage, Better Fuel Economy.
• Longer engine life.
• Lower maintenance cost.

Recommendation for air & liquid cooled 4 stoke motorcycle engine with combined engine & transmission unit, wet clutch etc. also to be used with motorcycle with catalytic convertor use in racing, off road motorcycles, all terrain vehicles & BS VI vehicles. Best suits requirement for ROYAL ENFIELD Motorcycles requiring API SM & 15W50 JASO MA2 specification as per automobile manufacturer.