Shield Multi Metal 4000



Shield MM 4000 is Bio-stable, heavy-duty, semi-synthetic cutting fluid concentrate, with relatively high mineral oil content. Shield MM 4000 is formulated with state of- the-art technology combining high levels of non-staining extreme pressure additives and multi-metal corrosion inhibitors, for use in the most arduous machining operations. Shield MM 4000 combines the advantages of bio-stable technology with high levels of anti-corrosion and chemical extreme pressure additives.



Carbon/Cast Steel, Cast/Nodular/Malleable/Gray Iron, Copper, Aluminum, High Speed Steel, High Alloy Steels, Stainless Steels.


Excellent Biological Control Effective protection against bacteria and mold. No “Monday Morning” odors – This ensures long fluid life, minimizes the use of additives, and increases operator satisfaction.


Operator and Machine-Friendly – No smoke – No slippery film on parts, machines or floors – Mild to skin when used as recommended – Liquid residue keeps machine tool components free-moving regardless of equipment age.